Add long-term value to your car by preserving its condition with Thomson car care products. Care for your vehicle with the latest in window tint, surface coating, interior treatments & scratch 'n' dent programs.

Window Tinting

Thomson Kia have a range of tints to meet your needs and budget. If you are interested in performance, safety, security, or looks - we have it covered.
Just choose one of our tints to see and learn more about the differences.

- UV Clear
- UV Shield
- Titanium Window Tint
- Street Legal



  • UV protection of up to 99%
  • Heat rejection of up to 60%
  • Enjoy privacy & secure your valuables
  • Extend the life of the film with scratch resistant coating
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Also choose from clear safety film


The Specs

  • Good glare and fade reduction
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • World’s toughest scratch resistant surface
  • Reduces fading of upholstery
  • Strengthens glass
  • Lifetime warranty - not transferable


55-60% Heat Rejection 60% Glare Rejection






  • Reduce damage to your skin cell s DNA
  • Dramatically reduce UV exposure
  • Protect your whole family
  • Safer driving with up to 60% glare reduction
  • Helps hold shattered glass in the event of an accident
  • Provides 'invisible protection' without the tinted window look.
  • Lifetime warranty


The Fact

Skin cancers are formed when skin cells are damaged by UV radiation penetrating the skin. Each cell carries DNA or genetic material that ‘tells’ the cell what it is, when to develop and when to die.
UV damages the skin cell DNA and this can cause them to mutate and grow abnormally. If these mutant cells are not destroyed by the body’s natural defence systems, they will continue to develop and can turn into skin cancers.
The diagram below shows the relationship between UV exposure and the effects it has on skin cells. Constant sun exposure and DNA damage has a lasting effect on your skin and your health. Ultimately, the more sun exposure, the higher the risk of DNA damage.
Cancer Council Automotive Window Film provides maximum UPF 50+ protection to virtually eliminate the penetration of harmful UV rays through your vehicle’s windows.*


The Benefit

UV Shield is a tinted film that adds privacy and good looks to your vehicle. It meets all state legal regulations for visible light transmittance, and offers the highest UPF 50+ protection rating available.
UV Shield utilises Opti-View®, a patented technology that delivers new standards in ‘haze free’ optical technology by reducing distortion and ensuring safer driving.

  • Helps reduce damage to your skin cell’s DNA
  • Dramatically reduces UV exposure associated with increased risk of skin cancer
  • Helps hold shattered glass together in the event of an accident
  • A colourfast film, which makes it fade resistant
  • Has low light reflectance, day or night, for safer driving
  • UV Shield is a metallised film, reducing heat and glare, and helps to prevent interior fading
  • Keeps the vehicle’s cabin cooler, helping to achieve better fuel economy with less stress on the air conditioner, resulting in less fuel usage


  • Patented scratch-resistant coating
  • Manufactured with a patented process, which enhances clarity
  • Reduces damaging effects of ultra violet rays
  • Opti-view, distortion-free, increased clarity®
  • Highest UV protection available
  • Helps prevent skin cancer and premature aging of the skin
  • Lifetime Warranty (Discolouration, Fade resistant, Non-transferable)


57-60% Heat Rejection
60% Glare Rejection

99+% Ultra Violet Rejection
50+ UPF Rating


Titanium Window tint


  • UV protection of up to 99%
  • Heat rejection of up to 60%
  • Enjoy privacy & secure your valuables
  • Extend the life of the film with scratch resistant coating
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Also choose from clear safety film


The Specs

  • Good glare and fade reduction
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • World’s toughest scratch resistant surface
  • Reduces fading of upholstery
  • Strengthens glass
  • Lifetime warranty - not transferable


55-60% Heat Rejection
60% Glare Rejection



Street Legal


The Benefits

Introducing Street Legal. It’s the darkest automotive window tint for your car. Street Legal is for people that want to stand out from the crowd. For people that want to make a statement about them and their car.
It’s the performance you need without compromising the look you want. Street Legal pushes the limits of style, yet still meets the legal requirements and regulations on visible light transmittance.
AND, it provides all the protection and comfort you’d expect from a top performing window film without getting too technical.
It delivers exceptionally high UV protection, maximum glare reduction, over fifty percent heat rejection to keep you cool as, PLUS, ultimate privacy!
Street Legal also comes with a lifetime warranty so you can feel absolutely confident it will last and last.


 The specs

  • Good glare and fade reduction
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Low in light reflectance (internal and external)
  • Patented scratch resistant coating
  • Patented metallising process to enhance visual clarity
  • Lifetime Warranty  (Non-Transferable)




Vehicle Protection, Inside and Out

We have a range of vehicle protection products to suit your needs.

- Concours P4
- Smart Membership
- Carpet & Fabric Protector
- Leather Preserver
- Vinyl Conditioner

Concours P4


High performance paint protection that out-shines and outlasts all others.

  • Self-cleaning titanium dioxide TiO2 composition oxidises organic compounds
  • Enhanced with a UV protect ant to prevent fading and premature aging
  • Provides exceptional stain resistance against bug-splatter, bird and bat droppings, tree sap, acid rain, salt spray, grime, grease and road tar
  • Chemically inert and will not react with contaminants from the environment

Concours P4 seals exterior paintwork with a coating that delivers extreme durability, hardness and a brilliant shine with a self cleaning

property which breaks down dirt and grime. It’s composed of UV light sensitive titanium dioxide TiO2 that when struck by light photons, reacts with air and water to oxidise organic compounds, turning them into carbon dioxide, hydrogen and other bi-products that escape into the air.

TiO2 is present in nano particles suspended in a cured, inorganic clear coating. These nano particles act as a permanent oxidising generator that only need UV light, oxygen and water vapour to work. Only the organic matter is destroyed, the TiO2 itself is inert and remains unchanged. This innovative technology has set an exciting benchmark in paint protection.

With Concours P4 at work, dirt will rarely get the chance to build up, and when it does, it washes away easily. This means less washing, less water usage, less environmental impact and a brilliant shine for years to come.


Smart Membership


A breakthrough in small accident repair technology!

  • No quotes, mobile service, we come to you
  • Certified repairs within 14 days
  • One fixed fee for each repair
  • Repairs to pressure dents and scratches
  • Repairs of scruffs and scrapes to bumper bars & alloy wheels
  • Repairs to seats, trim, vinyl and leather surfaces
  • Unlimited repair visits for 2 years
  • No expensive insurance excess

SMART Membership is an innovative program for small accident auto repairs which employs 21st century Small Accident Repair Technology, developed to help keep your vehicle in pristine condition. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have two years of unlimited repairs, for scratches, scrapes, chips and dents as well as repairs to damaged interior trim and alloy wheels so you can continue to enjoy the sparkling paintwork, shiny wheels and immaculate ‘as new’ interior of your new vehicle. Talk to your Sales Consultant for more information on general membership terms and conditions.


Carpet & Fabric Protector


A true breakthrough in environmentally friendly fabric and carpet protection.

  • Water-based, non solvent, environmentally friendly
  • Resilient and effective stain barrier
  • Ideal for pet owners
  • Non-toxic, important for those with allergies
  • Contains Bacti Shield™, a bacterial protection system
  • Lifetime Warranty

Protect fabric against harmful bacteria

Carpet & Fabric Protector provides durable and invisible protection against common oil and water-based spills while being completely safe for you, your family and the environment. Containing the bacterial protection system Bacti Shield™, this remarkable product will protect your vehicle’s fabric against harmful bacteria, moulds and fungus. Just the sort of allergens that may cause respiratory conditions like asthma or hay fever.

Fabric Protection also has a water-based formulation. This means it’s totally safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non flammable, non-carcinogenic and emits no odour and all of this without compromising any of its effectiveness.


Leather Preserver


Preserves the authentic scent and luxurious feel of brand new leather.

  • Preserves the “new leather” aroma
  • Deep down moisturising protection
  • Softens hard leather
  • Not a multi-purpose sealant, scientifically designed for leather
  • Provides a highly effective barrier against stains, spills and marks
  • Lifetime Warranty


Preserve that ‘new leather’ aroma

There’s nothing quite like the feel and aroma of leather in a new car. So, why not preserve that feeling for as long as you can? Leather Preserver works by actively penetrating the pores of each leather panel, nourishing, moisturising and protecting it. Unlike other products, Leather Preserver is scientifically formulated for leather and is not a multi-purpose vinyl/leather sealant.

Leather Preserver’s high-quality lanolin formulation soaks deep down into the hide to maintain and enhance its softness and suppleness, protecting leather surfaces against hardening, drying and cracking. It also provides a highly effective barrier against stains, spills and marks of all kinds.


Vinyl Conditioner


New formulation vinyl protection to nourish and protect vinyl surfaces.

  • UV stabilised against discolouration and fading
  • Water repellant, easy care with spills
  • Low-sheen, non-greasy, non-slick
  • Longer lasting ‘as new’ appearance
  • Tough barrier against scuff marks and stains
  • Not a multi-purpose sealant
  • Lifetime Warranty

Nourishes and protects vinyl surfaces

Today’s vehicles use increasingly sophisticated interior coatings, including high quality vinyls. But despite being robust and long-wearing these surfaces can still benefit from a protective product to preserve their original look and texture. Vinyl Conditioner enhances internal vinyl surfaces including dashboards, consoles and other trim by penetrating below the surface layer to nourish and protect, keeping them in ‘as-new’ condition.

Plus, it forms a tough barrier against scuff marks and stains. It also contains powerful ultraviolet inhibitors to shield against damaging UV rays and temperature fluctuations that cause surface cracking and discolouration. And what makes Vinyl Conditioner so unique is that it is purpose-built for vinyl to ensure your vehicle’s vinyl surfaces receive the ultimate protection and durability